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2015 [2:03:03]

American Hero 25k

Race was delayed 20 minutes. Packet pick up was a bit dis-organized the day of the race due to a traffic accident. Course is 5 loops of 5k, there are a few hills that make the last loop harder then the first.

2015 [3:13]

Buffalo Half Marathon

What a beautiful day! Nice weather for a well supported race through Buffalo. The mainly flat course was full of friendly volunteers and plenty of extra crowd support. Nice tech T and cool buffalo medal.

2015; [1:43.45]

Madison Half Marathon

If you are looking for a bit of a challenge, this one is it. There are a few hills at the start and one right after mile 10 that is a bit of a struggle. There are also several flat areas that are nice to run through. There is a bit of an incline to the finish. The post race goodies were very good. Nothing beats a Panara bag lunch. The expo was a bit tiny, but the shirt was cool. Weather was a...

2015 [2:50]

Scheels Fargo Half Marathon

Packet pick up and start were held indoors in the Fargo dome which made for a nice venue for packet pickup and expo and a jammed start to the race. At one point no one was moving as there was a mass of runners and friends of runners each going in opposite directions, a human clog! I enjoy this size race about ten thousand total. The course is flat and fast with lots of families, dogs and bands...

2015 [3:20]

Dasani Myrtle Beach Half Marathon

Nice race, flat course if not very scenic. Course support was okay. Needed more toilets toward the beginning of run, long lines for the first 3 miles or so. Well marked start and finish.

2015 [3:22]

OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

Huge race and very well organized. The expo was a little confusing with the bibs at the back and no clear path to follow and crowded. The run was flat and I have never seen so much course support. There was water stops every mile or so. It was almost ridiculous by the end. Good music and very friendly helpful people.

2015 [3:16:48]

B.A.A. Marathon

This is the race, nothing like it. The fan support is 26.2 miles of people cheering your name.

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