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2014 (2:35)

Green Lake Area Half Marathon

Absolutely beautiful route but rather hilly. The first and last two miles or so are the same, but otherwise the route is a big loop. There were lots of volunteers along the course to give encouragement. This is the first in a two-fer weekend for me, with the Dubuque Benefit Classic being on Monday of Labor Day Weekend. Travel tips: Boarder's in Ripon is a quiet place to stay. The surrounding...

2014 (2:09)

Badgerland Striders Half Marathon

Race day was foggy (meaning 100% humidity) with no wind to speak of, but that isn't anyone's fault - just made for a slower race for me. Several hundred runners crowded on a fairly narrow path for the first three miles made for a lot of bumping and slowing, but once the field thinned out a bit it was a nice course. Nice medal and plenty of post race food and good volunteer support. No hills worth...

2014 [2:37]

Madison Mini-Marathon

A loop through the University of Wisconsin campus, the arboretum, and some city streets. A rolling course with some challenging hills around miles 7 and 9 ("Cemetery Hill"). The course is mostly paved, with a packed sand trail along the lakefront in the last couple of miles. A beautiful course, and a very-well organized race. The weather was mild for August, clear and sunny. Many stretches of the...

2014 [2:52]

SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon

My first trail half and wow! What a ride! Vail Lake is a great place to run through desert, mountains, scrub. The figure 8 course takes you all over the park, mainly with single track trails. There are some gnarly hills out there, and you can feel all alone and yet on top of the world within minutes. This was the 3rd year and the race director has worked hard to make the course well marked and...

2014 [2:13:43]

Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Being a person who lives at 800ft. altitude, the elevation was a bit of a challenge. Overall it was a great race. Course was challenging. There were certainly portions that were best either walked or tip-toed through as they could be a bit treacherous. The crew that puts on the race is great! Medals were awesome. Had a great time running this with both of my daughters!

2014 [1:59]

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon

This was a really cool race and potentially my favorite if only because of how unique it is. The starting point is approximately two hours off the Vegas strip, starts shortly after midnight and is timed to coincide with the full moon. The first six miles are a gradual ascent. The last seven miles are a gradual descent to the finish. The race and logistics were all really well-executed. The...

2014 [2:07}

Jamestown Half Marathon - UHC Triple Crown

A very pretty island to run a course. Beware that there are a few good hills. This is the smallest race of the UHC Triple Crown in Rhode Island at about 2,000 runners, which means the crowd support was pretty small too, but enthusiastic. Aid stations were great for the small size of this race. The post-race food was great with not only the usual bagels and bananas but watermelon. Must take a...

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